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Hardware design has become a core enabler of innovation for the age of AI. Diverse AI applications in facial recognition, virtual assistance, autonomous vehicles, and more are sharing a common feature–they rely on hardware as the core enabler of innovation. At the same time, AI hardware is presenting a unique set of challenges to its pioneers, with both cloud and edge segments pushing the limits of existing silicon technologies for performance, power, and area.

From the Data Center to the Edge

Cloud AI designs are characterized by massive dimensions, multiple levels of physical hierarchy, locally synchronous and globally asynchronous architectures, and very fragmented floorplans. Edge AI designs are generally small embedded engines but need to handle hundreds of design corners, extreme variability, ultra-low power requirements, and heterogeneous integration (e.g. sensors).

Synopsys has been delivering the comprehensive design solutions that enable the design of AI hardware, from today’s AI accelerators to tomorrow’s cognitive systems. Synopsys design solutions and professional services are behind many AI "super-chips," from the data center to the edge. 

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