VC Verification IP for I2S

Synopsys VC Verification IP (VIP) for I2S provides a comprehensive set of protocol, methodology, verification and productivity features, enabling users to achieve rapid verification of designs that include interfaces implementing the I2S specification.

I2S VC Verification IP

Protocol Features

  • Fully compliant with the I2S bus specification, rev. June 5, 1996
  • Full and half duplex
  • Configurable frame lengths for different (audio) transfer rates
  • Left justified, right justified and PCM mode for audio transfer
  • Support for dynamic reconfiguration.
  • Mechanism to enable/disable data transmission, ws generation and clock generation
  • Configurable as master or slave
  • Dataword length upto 64 bits
  • Multi agent system environment
  • Transmitter and receiver agents can be used in standalone mode