Cloud-Based Visual Computing

As cloud applications evolve to include more visual content, support for visual computing has emerged as an additional function of cloud infrastructure. Applications for visual computing include streaming video for business applications, online collaboration, on-demand movies, online gaming, and security and other systems that require real-time image recognition. The proliferation of visual computing as a cloud service has led to the integration of high-performance GPUs into cloud servers, connected to the host CPU infrastructure via high-speed accelerator interfaces.

DesignWare IP for Visual Computing


  • High-performance, low-latency PCI Express controllers and PHYs supporting data rates up to 64GT/s to enable real-time data connectivity
  • CXL IP solution supports CXL 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0 specifications, all three CXL protocols (, CXL.cache, CXL.mem) and device types. CXL IP is built on silicon-proven DesignWare PCI Express 5.0 IP for reduced integration risk and provides cache coherency to minimize data copying within the system 
  • HBI and USR/XSR IP solutions for reliable die-to-die connectivity leverage high-speed SerDes PHY technology up to 112G per lane and wide-parallel bus technology enabling 4Gbps per pin
  • HBM2/2E IP is optimized for power efficiency, using 80% less power than competitive solutions while operating at up to 3.6Gb/s
  • Highly integrated, standards-based security IP solutions enable the most efficient silicon design and highest levels of security
  • Low latency embedded memories with standard and ultra-low leakage libraries provide a power- and performance-efficient foundation for SoCs