DesignWare IP for Data Center Storage


Server-based Solid-State Drives (SSDs) can utilize a PCI Express (PCIe) interface to directly connect to the server CPU and function as a cache accelerator allowing frequently accessed data, or "hot" data, to be cached extremely fast. High performance PCIe SSDs with extremely efficient input/output operation and low read latency improves server efficiency and avoids having to access the data through an external storage device. PCIe SSD server acceleration is ideal for high transaction applications such as web acceleration or database queries like SQL, Oracle or SharePoint. Flash-based PCI Express SSDs not only reduce power and cost but also minimizes area because it requires less rack space for the hard disk drives (HDDs). Server-based SSDs can also be SATA or SAS drive that can be plugged into the SATA/SAS interface on the system.

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  • Comprehensive PCI Express solution supporting endpoint, root port, dual-mode and switch modes
  • PCIe IP incorporates features such as Process Address Space ID (PASID), AER, Active State Power Management (ASPM), support for L1 substates and Hot-plug functionality
  • PCIe SR-IOV enables IO virtualization for highly reliable server environments with support for lowest power operation
  • SATA 6G host and device controller and PHY IP provides lower latency and higher bandwidth data transfers for local network attached storage (NAS) and enables low-power operation
  • SATA IP solution includes AHCI programming model to support multiple ports, command and FIS-based port multiplier, and integrated DMA and advanced power management