Cloud Computing Communications Network Processors

Cloud service providers are turning towards server virtualization to increase efficiency, flexibility, and agility to optimize network packet processing.  The latest communications architecture uses Open vSwitch Offloads (OVS), OVS over Data Plane Development Kits (DPDK), network overlay virtualization, SR-IOV, and RDMA to enable software defined data center and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), accelerating communications infrastructure.  To achieve higher performance compared to running OVS on host processors, communications network processors can accelerate OVS offloads for efficiency and security.

Synopsys provides a portfolio of high-speed interface IP including DDR, HBM2/2E, Ethernet for up to 800G links, CXL for cache coherency, and PCI Express for up to 32GT/s data rates. DesignWare Security IP enables the highest levels of security encryption, and embedded ARC processors offer fast, energy-efficient solutions to meet throughput and QoS requirements. Synopsys’ Foundation IP delivers low latency embedded memories with standard and ultra-low leakage libraries for a range of cloud processors.

DesignWare IP for Communications Network Processors