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FlexEDA, which stands for Flexible EDA, is a business model of Synopsys Cloud that provides access to unlimited, on-demand electronic design automation (EDA) software licenses. Synopsys Cloud offers two deployments—Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) and Software as a Service (SaaS)—that are powered by the FlexEDA model.

With the Synopsys Cloud FlexEDA model, you can:

  • Focus on time to results, not license count. With no constraints on licenses and compute, chip designers can focus on quality of results and time to market
  • Reimagine EDA project schedules. FlexEDA allows chip designers to schedule projects differently, with the ability to break up projects into faster cycles that allow more time for innovating and less on waiting for results
  • Leverage simplified EDA software licensing. True pay-per-use, on-demand access
  • Start small and grow as you need. The FlexEDA model does not impose minimum spend thresholds or any other limitations on how big a cloud engagement needs to be
  • Leverage a start-up friendly EDA SaaS environment. Synopsys Cloud SaaS offers a one-stop shop for the entire chip design lifecycle, with access to advanced infrastructure, cloud-optimized EDA tools, and pre-defined, end-to-end standardized flows that are all enabled through a browser-based user interface with usage, analytics, CAD project management, and governance capabilities
How FlexEDA Works | Synopsys Cloud

The Synopsys Cloud FlexEDA business model presents a paradigm shift from the traditional way EDA tools are purchased and used. Instead of purchasing a specific number of licenses for specific tools, customers purchase a specific quantity of cloud credits that can be used for any number of licenses for any enabled tools. Cloud credits are the single currency for EDA tools, licenses, and infrastructure (in case of SaaS).

Under Synopsys Cloud FlexEDA, EDA tools are always available to customers. With the flexibility of licensing under FlexEDA, without pre-defined infrastructure constraints or prior license quantity commitments, users can take full advantage of the elasticity and scalability of the cloud. The Synopsys Cloud FlexEDA model allows designers to approach each project in a whole new way, letting their design and project timeline needs dictate how they’ll use chip design and verification tools, rather than the other way around.

How does FlexEDA work?

Following the Synopsys Cloud FlexEDA model, users sign a single cloud contract and purchase cloud credits. These cloud credits are used for all transactions in the BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud) or SaaS deployments of Synopsys Cloud.

In BYOC, customers can run Synopsys EDA tools with pay-per-use access. Usage is metered and cloud credits are deducted per the hourly or by-the-minute access rates.

In a Synopsys Cloud SaaS deployment, cloud credits can be used for access to tools (called Apps), flows (called Instances), and Infrastructure (storage, compute).

The flexibility of unlimited, on-demand EDA tool license availability is at the core of the FlexEDA model. Chip designers design, schedule, and run specific EDA jobs based on where they are in the design cycle and their power, performance, and area (PPA) goals. Synopsys Cloud will automatically scale the EDA software based on the elastic cloud-scale infrastructure enabled by the designer for this specific job. This reduces the time to results and helps to improve quality of design. Let’s look at an example: A design team wants to start a job with 100 copies of a tool license running on 200 cores of compute. The team will pay for the time it takes to run that job; for example, eight hours. The design team pays for eight hours for those 100 copies of the license running on the 200 cores for that job.

That same team can pivot to a new portion of the design the next day, where they start with 1,000 copies of a tool license running on 20,000 cores. This scale-up in licenses and compute would reduce the run to one hour. And the team would pay for the compute and the tool licenses used for only that hour. Time to results is reduced by 8x. 

The benefits of FlexEDA

The Synopsys Cloud FlexEDA business model, available for BYOC and SaaS deployments of Synopsys Cloud, provides the benefits of unlimited EDA license availability with a true pay-per-use approach on an hourly or per-minute basis. Cloud credits are deducted after actual use. Most Synopsys EDA tools are available under the pay-per-use pricing model. 

EDA products which are not cloud scalable can be licensed via a cloud subscription licenses (CSLs) pricing model, much like the regular on-prem licensing model. CSLs are purchased using cloud credits. CSLs are of fixed term and quantity; in other words, these are paid upfront and cloud credits are deducted before use. 

Other benefits of FlexEDA include:

  • On-demand scaling of EDA tool licenses up or down based on project needs, with pre-optimized compute for each type of EDA workload
  • Ability to leverage elasticity and scalability of cloud computing by running unlimited parallel jobs and regressions
  • Ability to manage tool usage by users, granting as well as limiting access using a browser-based UI portal
  • Browser-based access for end-to-end EDA workload needs, with native advanced scheduling, virtual desktop, and project and user management capabilities 
  • Deep integration with the cloud stack to leverage auto-scaling, fault-tolerance, and metering capabilities of the cloud
  • In-depth security that elevates the cloud service provider’s shared responsibility model to ensure customer data is secured at all levels with an architecture that fully integrates with all security controls


How to get started?

To get started using Synopsys Cloud under either the BYOC or SaaS deployment, customers will need to sign a single cloud contract and purchase cloud credits. Cloud credits are used toward Synopsys EDA tools and infrastructure in the SaaS deployment.


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