No matter where you are in your cloud journey, you can take advantage of Synopsys Cloud, the industry’s first truly flexible electronic design automation (EDA)-as-a-service, high-performance computing platform. With its fully browser-based chip design experience and our unique FlexEDA model, you can access unlimited EDA software licenses on demand with a true pay-per-use experience, by the hour or minute.

Our Synopsys Cloud bring-your-own-cloud (BYOC) deployment option is designed for customers who prefer to manage their own public cloud environment. It leverages the extremely flexible licensing and deployment capabilities of Synopsys Cloud to enable on-demand access to pay-per-use EDA software. With this release, we are announcing the availability of the BYOC solution on Google Cloud.

The Synopsys Cloud BYOC deployment architecture ensures chip designers can use the same flows and scripts they are using on-premises or in their own Google Cloud virtual private network. Once connectivity is established with Synopsys Cloud, designers just point their environment variables to the Synopsys Cloud metering service, which enables the FlexEDA model to kick in and run each job at any scale with access to unlimited EDA software licenses.


The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers unique infrastructure capabilities for running high-performance EDA workloads on memory-optimized compute virtual machines. The patent-pending metering technology in Synopsys Cloud has been implemented on Google Cloud using regional Managed Instance Groups (MIGs) for autoscaling and multi-zone deployment. This highly available, secure, and fault-tolerant service enables the FlexEDA pay-per-use model with recommended best practices from Google Cloud engineering.

Combined with GCP’s unique platform services for AI, security, and shared storage, the Synopsys Cloud BYOC solution creates a compelling package for semiconductor designers who will create the next generation of chips for the world’s insatiable needs."

Simon Floyd


Industry Director, Manufacturing & Transportation, Google Cloud

Synopsys is the industry’s largest provider of EDA technology used in the design and verification of semiconductor devices, or chips. Synopsys Cloud takes EDA to new heights, combining the availability of advanced compute and storage infrastructure with unlimited access to EDA software licenses on-demand so you can focus on what you do best – design chips, faster. Delivering cloud-native EDA tools and pre-optimized hardware platforms, an extremely flexible business model, and a modern customer experience, Synopsys has reimagined the future of chip design on the cloud, without disrupting proven workflows. 

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