RSoft Enewsletters

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  • December 2019
    2019 Releases in Review, On-Demand Resources, Follow Us on Social Media, and Holiday Tech Support

  • November 2019
    OptSim Circuit and OptoDesigner Quick Tip, RSoft Feature Highlight, PDK Updates
  • September 2019
    RSoft Device Tools, Photonic System Tools and PIC Design Suite Version 2019.09 New Releases
  • August 2019
    OptoDesigner Quick Tip, RSoft Feature Highlight, AMF PDK Update

  • July 2019
    OptSim Quick Tip, New Photonic Solutions Webinar Series, PDK Updates, TowerJazz Webinar Highlights
  • June 2019
    Quick Tip: New GDS File Import/Export Approaches with RSoft CAD, Quick Tip: OptoDesigner, PDK Update

  • May 2019
    PIC Design Suite Layout-Versus-Schematic Quick Tip, RSoft Application, PIC Training Reminder

  • April 2019
    Modeling Probabilistic Constellation Shaping in OptSim, May PIC Training at the University of Rochester
  • March 2019
    New RSoft & OptoDesigner Releases Now Available, Annual PIC Training

  • February 2019
    Quick Tip: Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Sensors

  • January 2019
    RSoft Products Version 2018.12 Service Release 1 Now Available

  • December 2018
    RSoft Products Version 2018.12 Now Available, RSoft Tech Support During the Holidays, 2018-2019 Student Optical Design Competition, Upcoming Conferences

  • November 2018
    OptSim, OptSim Circuit and ModeSYS: Modeling Stochastic Variations in Parameters and Performance

  • October 2018
    Enhancement of Four-Wave-Mixing Nonlinear Phenomena by Surface Plasmon Effect

  • September 2018
    Terrestrial Optical Fiber Networks for Long-Haul Data Center Connectivity: Engineering Optimal Spans      

  • August 2018
    RSoft Photonic Component Design Suite 2018.03 Service Release 1 (2018.03-1) Now Available

  • August 2018
    RSoft Photonic System Design Suite 2018.03 Service Release 1 (2018.03-1) Now Available

  • July 2018
    Quick Tip: Calculating Partial Q Values for Photonic Crystal Slab by using Q-Finder Utility 

  • June 2018
    Using BeamPROP to Simulate a Mode-Evolution-Based Polarization Rotator with High-Index Contrast

  • May/June 2018
    Using Symbols in the RSoft Component Tools and Viewing the Current Value of an Option or Expression

  • April 2018
    Elastic Connectors in OptSim™ Circuit

  • March 2018
    RSoft Photonics Component Design Suite 2018.03 and RSoft Photonic System Design Suite 2018.03 Now Available

  • February 2018
    Synopsys Acquires PhoeniX Software, Custom PDK-Based Model Examples, OFC 2018, PIC International Training

  • January/February 2018
    Creating Custom PDK Models with the S-Matrix/Custom PDK Generation Utility
  • December 2017
    RSoft Photonic System Design Suite 2017.09 Service Release 1 (2017.09-1) Now Available

  • November 2017
    RSoft Photonic Component Design Suite 2017.09 Service Release 1 (2017.09-1) Now Available


  • October 2017
    RSoft Photonic Component & System Design Suite 2017.09 Now Available



  • August 2017
    Silicon Photonics for Data Center Switches: Schematic-Driven Simulation and Mask Generation for an AIM PDK-Based 4x4 Benes Switch 

  • July 2017
    Hybrid III-V Silicon Laser (Silicon Evanescent Laser – SEL)


  • June 2017
    Co-Simulation of Integrated Photonic Devices Using Sentaurus TCAD and RSoft


  • May 2017
    Tip: Few-Mode-Fiber Design
  • April 2017
    OptSim Circuit: Simulation of AIM Photonics Transmitter-Receiver and Generation of Masks
  • March 2017
    RSoft Photonic Component Design Suite 2017.03 and RSoft Photonic System Design Suite 2017.03 Now Available
  • February 2017
    OFC Info Session: PIC Design Using Synopsys OptSim Circuit and PhoeniX Software OptoDesigner; Quick Tip: Studying the Mode Evolution Within a Spot Size Converter
  • January 2017
    Quick Tip: How to Use a Data File to Define a Custom Refractive Index Profile in the User Profile Editor
  • December 2016
    RSoft Tech Support During the Holidays, Upcoming Training and Conferences
  • August 2016
    Tip: Defining Patterned Surfaces Using Data Files and Adding Coating Layers
  • July 2016
    Tip: Using the OptSim Circuit Interface with PhoeniX Software's OptoDesigner 
  • June 2016
    New Features in the RSoft System Tools Version 2016.06
  • May 2016
    Performing Multimode Calculations in FemSIM
  • April 2016
    Modeling of PAM-4 Transmission Over Large-Core Plastic Optical Fiber Using ModeSYS and OptSim DSP Library for MATLAB
  • March 2016
    RSoft Component Design Suite 2016.03 New Features
  • February 2016
    Creating a Pulse Train in FullWAVE Using Custom Time Envelopes
  • January 2016
    In-Band OSNR Measurement in ROADM-Based Networks Using OptSim
  • December 2015
    New Releases of the RSoft System Tools and Component Design Suite: Software and License File Download Instructions, Key New Features in the RSoft System Tools 2015.12 Release, Key New Features in the RSoft Component Design Suite 2015.06 Service Release 2
  • November 2015
    Using WinPLOT to Create High-Quality Graphics for Publications and Presentations: Part 2, Contour Plots
  • October 2015
    Using WinPLOT to Create High-Quality Graphics for Publications and Presentations: Part 1, Line Plots
  • September 2015
    Traveling Wave Mach-Zehnder Modulator (TW-MZM) Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) Design in OptSim Circuit
  • August 2015
    Efficient AWG Design with the Effective Index Method
  • June 2015
    RSoft Products Release 2015.06 Available Now
  • May 2015
    OptSim Tip: 3D Plot of Evolution of Optical Pulse in the Fiber
  • April 2015
    RSoft Component Design Suite 2014.09 Service Release 1 Available Now
  • March 2015
    Modeling Multipath Interference (MPI) in OptSim Circuit
  • January 2015
    Creating and Organizing Compound Components in OptSim, OptSim Circuit and ModeSYS
  • December 2014
    New CAD Circuit Reference and Dynamic Array Features
  • November 2014
    ModeSYS Simulations – Settings to Improve Speed and Memory Requirements
  • October 2014
    Importing Custom Refractive Index Data into the RSoft CAD
  • July 2014
    Impact of Stimulated Brillouin Scattering on Fiber's Effective Loss
  • June 2014
    Quick Tip: How to enter custom refractive index profiles as an expression in the User Profile editor
  • May 2014
    Creating and Organizing OptSim and ModeSYS Project Reports
  • March 2014
    Modeling Mode Coupling Effects and Analyzing Their Impact on Spatial and Transient Performance of a Multimode Fiber in ModeSYS

  • February 2014
    Computing Bending Modes
  • January 2014
    Tips on system design using fixed optical output amplifier and fixed optical gain amplifier models in OptSim


  • December 2013
    Announced the availability of version 2013.12 of the RSoft products, which includes the RSoft Component Design Suite, the RSoft System Tools, and RSoft MetroWAND.
  • November 2013
    Quick Tip: How to measure effective modal bandwidth of a multimode fiber in ModeSYS
  • October 2013
    RSoft Component Design Suite 9.0-16 Now Available