Optimized Implementation for Arm Powered SoCs

Solutions for Arm-based SoCs

Synopsys offers comprehensive solutions to help you quickly achieve the target frequency and energy efficiency for your Arm-based SoCs. Working with Arm on synthesizable processors since 1997, Synopsys has offered optimized Arm® processor implementation solutions including Synopsys Design Platform and Verification Continuum Platform tools, methodology and services. 

Today, the majority of advanced SoCs based on Arm processors are designed using Synopsys solutions.

Synopsys’ optimized solutions for implementation of Arm processors include: QuickStart Implementation Kits (QIKs) with Synopsys Design Platform tool scripts tuned for hardening high-performance, power efficient Arm cores, the LynxNXT Automation System for processor- and SoC-optimized design flows, low power methodology and tools, high-speed DesignWare Memory Compilers and Logic Libraries and expert design services.