July 2015

End of Support for Synopsys License Server on SPARC Solaris

Dear Synopsys Customer:

NOTE: The information in this letter affects only those customers using the SPARC Solaris Operating System (OS) on the Synopsys License Server. If this does not apply to you, please disregard.

We believe our customers need stable, well-supported operating systems on which to run their EDA tools. In order for us to align to timelines of our OS and hardware vendors, we are updating our compute platforms roadmap.

The December 2015 release of Synopsys Common Licensing will be the last SCL server release that supports the Solaris SPARC platform. Starting with the June 2016 release, SCL will no longer support the Solaris platform. This means that the June 2016 release of SCL will not include sparcOS5 or sparc64 binaries.

Why is this change being made?
This change is being made because the Synopsys licensing technology vendor, Flexera, is in the process of ending support for the Solaris platform.

What operating system (OS) versions will be supported by the June 2016 release of SCL?
Synopsys recommends x86_64 hardware running recent versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, such as such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 or 7.1. For a full list of supported operating systems, click here.

What hardware configuration is recommended for the SCL server?
Synopsys recommends physical machines with a minimum of 4 GB RAM (8 GB is recommended), 2 GHz CPU, and multiple cores. The Ethernet I/O and switch speeds should be at least 2 GHz.

Actions required before June 8th, 2016:
To make the transition:

1.     Determine what license servers are on the Solaris platform. Solaris license servers have 8-character hostids, typically starting with “7” or “8”.

2.     Determine a machine or machines, with a supported platform.

3.     Obtain the lmhostid of the machine using the Flexera lmhostid utility. For x86_64 platforms, this is a 12 character hostid.

4.     Contact your Account Manager to rehost your keys.

5.     Download and Install Synopsys Common Licensing 11.9 or later.

6.     Start SCL on the new server(s) with the rehosted keys.

Should you need any technical support in this transition, open a case through SolvNet at http://www.solvnet.com and choose Synopsys Common Licensing as the product, or email support_center@synopsys.com with your question and Site ID information. For further information on SCL, visit http://www.synopsys.com/licensing.