May 6, 2005

Dear Synopsys Customer:

NOTE: The information in this letter affects only those customers using the TCAD products If this does not apply to you, please disregard.

We believe our customers need stable, well-supported operating systems (OS) on which to run their EDA tools. The following changes are being made in order to allow us to concentrate resources on the most popular operating systems for the customers of the TCAD products.

Effective September 2005, the following compute platforms will no longer be supported by the Taurus line of TCAD products:

  • 32-bit hardware for Sun Solaris, HP UX and IBM AIX
  • Linux Itanium 64-bit on RHEL2.1 and RH7.2

Effective September 2005, the following compute platform will no longer be supported by the ISE line of TCAD products:

  • Linux Itanium 64-bit on RH8 and RH9

The following table summarized the compute platform support for the TCAD line of products:

By providing you with this platform support matrix, we hope to help minimize your inconvenience in choosing computing platforms for TCAD products. Please contact your local Synopsys support center if you have any questions or need assistance.

Thank you for your continued interest in Synopsys TCAD products.

Synopsys, Inc.