Synopsys Silicon Engineering Solutions

Early Process Development. Advanced Lithography. Yield Management.

Silicon engineering is the foundation for generations of chips and electronics innovations. Based on industry standards, our silicon engineering tools are production-proven at both established and emerging process nodes down to 3nm and below. Our tools optimize tradeoffs between speed, area, power, test, and yield.

Industry-leading TCAD tools for process and device simulation

  • Develop and optimize semiconductor processing technologies and devices
  • Perform simulation split runs to reduce costly, time-consuming test wafer runs when developing
    a new device
  • Explore the process parameter space and product design alternatives
  • Optimize chip performance using parasitic information obtained from interconnect modeling and extraction tools

CATS® software for mask-manufacturing excellence

  • Transcribe complex design data into machine-readable instructions for pattern generation
    and manufacturing
  • Rely on the industry’s highest performance solution for mask rule check and pattern matching
  • Meet mask quality and cost targets through accurate and exhaustive verification
  • Leverage core technology that uniquely connects manufacturing information to design

Proteus™ OPC for advanced lithographic mask synthesis

  • Perform full-chip optical proximity correction, inverse lithographic techniques, and process
    checking and analysis
  • Enhance pattern fidelity and maximize the process window
  • Identify traditional process failures before committing a design to manufacture
  • Leverage rigorous Sentaurus™ simulation reference flows within the manufacturing environment

 The industry standard for yield management and optimization

  • Bring yield-relevant data from diverse sources into a single data bank with the Yield Explorer® tool
  • Quickly identify tools and processes that impact yield with Odyssey defect data management
  • Enable closer collaboration between product/design groups and FA labs with Avalon
  • Implement a complete wafer fab solution with a single unified database using the YieldManager® tool