Early litho pathfinding, process optimization and analysis

S-Litho represents advanced lithography simulation for semiconductor device manufacturing process development and optimization. It covers a wide range of applications in proximity printing, optical, immersion, extreme ultraviolet (EUV), and electron beam (e-beam) lithography. Process-limiting effects within the imaging system of an exposure tool can be thoroughly analyzed, taking the impact of mask and substrate topography on photoresist patterning into account. Interfacing S-Litho with Synopsys TCAD tools allows a seamless modeling of complex integration techniques such as double-patterning. The link between S-Litho and Synopsys Proteus mask synthesis applications accelerates the generation and validation of optical proximity correction (OPC) models and improves process robustness.

Key Benefits


Modeling Reference

Eliminating costly experiments.


Technology Coverage

From proximity printing to high-NA EUV Litho.

Topmost Performance

High predictivity and efficient DP scaling.


S-Litho + -


S-Litho provides a comprehensive set of features to predict the outcome of a photolithographic process. Physics-based models enable high simulation accuracy.  As a computational lithography tool, S-Litho accelerates process development and reduces cost by eliminating experiments.

Key features include:

  • Wide range of lithographic techniques: Proximity printing, e-beam direct write, DUV projection lithography 
  • Resist modeling in three dimensions (3D)
  • Resist model calibration environment
  • Powerful customization through scripting
  • Links to Synopsys’ Proteus and TCAD solutions

S-Litho EUV

S-Litho EUV enables process optimization and development for the most advanced nodes. It’s ready for all high-NA EUV specific simulation applications, allowing to start the development of mask synthesis solutions today, while the exposure tool hardware is still under development.

Key features include:

  • Isomorphic and anamorphic imaging
  • High speed mask 3D simulations,
  • Multi-layer defect assessment
  • Metal-Oxide resist and dry resist processing
  • Stochastic models and defectivity studies

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