CATS mask data preparation (MDP) software for semiconductor, TFT, HDD, MEMS and photonics mask and direct write equipment data preparation, is a highly scalable, easy to use, feature-rich product suite which provides data prep modules for data fracture, data verification, mask rule checking, mask error correction, jobdeck processing, layer operations, and data sizing. 

Key Benefits


Faster Time to Market

Fast mask data preperation for shortest time to market.


Lower Cost

Highest quality masks with comprehensive compliance checking and proximity Corrections.


Highly Scalable

Full support for the latest curve mask data prep

CATS Solutions

CATS + -

Technology Leading Mask Data Prep

CATS® is a highly scalable and flexible software application that transcribes complex design data into machine readable instructions for e-beam, laser, and multibeam mask writer machines used for the pattern generation and manufacturing of IC, MEMS, TFT-LCD, TFH, photonics, and biochip products.  With installations in virtually every photomask manufacturing facility worldwide, CATS is the de facto standard for mask manufacturing, inspection, metrology, and wafer-direct-write with full support for the latest curve mask features. 

Enabling Highest Quality Masks

CATS Mask Error Correction (MEC) provides model-based proximity correction for the mask process to bring mask features closer to target for the production of high quality masks required by the most advanced designs.

Fast and Comprehensive Mask Rule Compliance Check

CATS SmartMRC offers the industry’s highest performance solution for mask rule checking (MRC) and pattern matching. Combined with a comprehensive set of checks SmartMRC significantly improves data verification efficiency for the most complex curve designs.

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