Student Enewsletter, March 2021

Enewsletter, March 2021

Spring Issue: Student and Professor Edition

Accurate Diffraction Analyses in CODE V

Geometrical analyses, like spot diagrams, treat light as particles that travel in straight lines in homogeneous materials (and change direction at material interfaces). The paths of these particles through the system can be represented as rays. Diffraction analyses consider the wave nature of light. The physics of waves predicts the bending of light along aperture edges, as well as constructive and destructive interference effects. 

Student Design Competition

Our annual student optical design competition is coming up!! Don’t miss out!
As a student, you are invited to enter an optical design or research you worked on during the 2020-2021 school year. This could be a class assignment or thesis work you worked on using CODE V, LightTools, LucidShape, RSoft Photonic Device Tools, Photonic System Tools, or the PIC Design Suite. Entries are due June 15, 2021. Awards totaling $10,000 will be granted. Visit our website to learn how you can enter your project today!

Important Tips: Be sure to read the competition rules. Please note that we require all submissions to honor the 10-page limit. 

Read our blog to learn more about last year’s winners from Wyant College of Optical Sciences at University of Arizona, University of Rochester, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

What's New in the Optical Solutions Group?

Check out the latest product releases:

  • CODE V 11.5 
  • LightTools 9.1
  • LucidShape 2020.12 
Learn about the Synopsys Optical Engineering team’s contributions to the Mars Perseverance rover’s Mastcam-Z zoom lens system and CacheCam system. 

Upcoming Tech Talks

Learn Something New! 

CODE V, LightTools, LucidShape, and RSoft Photonic Device Tools

Visit our lineup of online tech talks on our website. Register for any or all of the talks!

Important Links

  • Visit the Synopsys Optical and Photonic Solutions blog
  • Sign-up for a free account on the Customer Support Portal to access resources to help you learn about CODE V, LightTools, LucidShape, and Photonic Solutions tools
  • Want to use the same software used by industry leaders in optics? Request a free student license!