ASIP University Day 2019: Call for Presentations

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Submissions are being accepted until August 24, 2019.

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Event Details

Wednesday, September 25th
Lund University, A-Huset, Sölvegatan 24, Lund, Sweden

Application-specific instruction set processors (ASIPs) have established themselves as a third implementation option for modern SoCs, i.e. when standard processor IP cannot meet challenging application-specific requirements, and fixed hardware is not flexible enough.  Heterogeneous multicore systems including ASIPs are now becoming more mainstream. Domains such as 5G, data centers, artificial intelligence, and automated driving assistance have fueled the development of such ASIPs, and triggered many university projects. Processor design projects such as the RISC-V initiative at UC Berkeley have also generated a lot of interest in designing specialized, application-optimized processor architectures.

Used by top tier companies for hundreds of successful projects to date, Synopsys’ ASIP Designer is the market leading tool for the design, verification and programming of ASIPs.

The ASIP University Day is intended to be an informal forum for university teams to exchange ideas, and to build up networks among university teams involved in the design of such specialized processors. Also, Synopsys will share their insight into market trends, and will provide a technical update on ASIP Designer, training courses available for classroom exercises, and reference examples.

Submit Your Presentation

We invite university teams to submit their presentation proposals. Topics of interest include: 

  • Discussing results from completed or ongoing ASIP projects

  • Sharing ASIP project plans

  • Sharing your design methodology, either using tools such as Synopsys’ ASIP Designer or developing your processor and the corresponding SDK in a different way

Required information and deadlines:

  • Title and Abstract of 100 words or less
  • Contact information must include name, email and phone number of each author
  • Submission Deadline: August 24th, 2019
  • Acceptance Notification: August 31st, 2019
  • Presentation Slides in PowerPoint Format - use your own university template and format slides to a 16:9 ratio

Submissions should be sent to:

ASIP University Day, Sept 25 - Preliminary Information

The ASIP University Day 2019 will be hosted by the Department of Electrical and Information Technology of Lund University, with support from Associate Prof. Liang Liu (Integrated Electronic Systems Group) and Prof. Ove Edfors (Communications Engineering Group). Dr. Steffen Malkowsky will chair the event. 

ASIP Designer Tools Training for Universities, Sept 26

On September 26th, 2019 (the day after the ASIP University Day) Synopsys will offer a free-of-charge ASIP Designer tools training for universities.