Why Attend?

The RISC-V Summit Europe is the premier event that connects the European movers and shakers - from industry, government, research, academia and ecosystem support - that are building the future of innovation on RISC-V. Synopsys is looking forward to participating in the upcoming RISC-V Summit Europe this June. 

Join us to find out what’s new with RISC-V solutions around  AI/ML, automotive, data centers, wearables, security, software and more!

Synopsys Engagement

Lightning Talk: Synopsys Solutions Drive RISC-V Success

Larry Lapides, Product Management, Executive Director

Developing a RISC-V based SoC, both hardware and software, requires a range of expertise and use of best known methods and technologies.  Synopsys provides solutions from the beginning of the project, architecting the SoC, through implementation including RISC-V processor IP and verification of self-built RISC-V processors, through to software development on the SoC.  


Demo: Driving SoC Innovation with Synopsys RISC-V Solutions

Rich Collins, Senior Director, Product Management

RISC-V is reshaping the tech industry as more companies choose to leverage the customizability, scalability and flexibility offered by the RISC-V ISA and ecosystem. RISC-V provides opportunities for innovation, giving SoC architects and software developers the ability to define new products and create a high degree of differentiation in their product portfolios. However, successful development of RISC-V based SoCs requires expertise in digital design, verification, and embedded systems, along with proven EDA, verification and software development tools. Learn how Synopsys’ comprehensive, ready-to-use design, verification, and ARC-V™  processor IP solutions enable designers to achieve their IC design goals and accelerate time to market for their RISC-V based SoC.

Explore our RISC-V Solutions

Synopsys provides comprehensive, ready-to-use design, verification, and IP solutions that enable designers to harness the full potential of the flexible ISA for efficient, high-performance RISC-V-based designs. 

RISC-V Models & Tools

ImperasFPM Fast Processor Models of RISC-V cores enable processor verification, architecture exploration, and early software development.

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