The 28th Automobil-Elektronik Kongress will bring together industry experts, researchers, and innovators to discuss the latest advancements in automotive electronics. At this year’s event, Synopsys’ Executive Chair and Founder will deliver an insightful presentation on SDVs in the pervasive intelligence era. At booth #31, Synopsys will discuss how our silicon to systems design solutions can help accelerate your automotive innovations. 

Aart de Geus, Executive Chair and Founder, Synopsys

June 19th, 2024 | 11:15

Electrification, SDVs, and gen-AI enabled pervasive intelligence has opened a whole new era for the automotive industry, while driving challenges such as silicon-based computation, multi-die designs, and virtual prototyping. Exciting changes in the automotive industry take advantage of AI advances, comprehensive computational architectures, and high-density multi-die packaging, and require early simulation, subsystem virtual prototyping, silicon health, and whole car digital twinning to be added to your ‘must-do’ list. Drawing on his extensive expertise, Aart de Geus, Executive Chair and Founder of Synopsys, will navigate through the intersection of automotive and semiconductor advances. Aart intends to paint a picture of both complexity and great opportunity, ultimately converging on a call to action for deep systemic collaboration between our joint industries.