Processor Solutions for Intelligent Thermostats


Heating and cooling costs drive a large portion of most consumers' energy bills. Intelligent thermostats provide the ability to seamlessly and automatically control energy settings and schedules within a residence or business, providing potential for significant cost savings.

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SD Card

  • ARC EM4 for power-critical, bus-powered apps like SD cards
  • Best-in-class code density reduces memory size & power
  • Fast interrupts and 2nd register file for real-time response
  • Custom instruction extensions to add differentiating HW

IEEE 802.15.4 transceiver (2.4 GHz)

WiFi/Bluetooth LE transceiver

Power management IC


  • Performance-efficient ARC HS for energy management
  • High-performance ARC HS38 provides MMU support for Linux

Sensor & Control Subsystem

  • ARC EM for power-critical, battery-operated devices
  • Power-efficient sensor fusion with Sensor & Control Subsystem
  • Support for tightly coupled digital and analog sensors
  • Low-power HW accelerators perform common sensor functions

Image processing

  • EMxD cores support DSP algorithms for image processing tasks
  • Real-time, deterministic response with XY memory in EM9D & EM11D cores

Audio Subsystem