Processor Solutions for Internet of Things (IoT)

Synopsys Processor Solutions

Ideally Suited for Intelligent Sensors and Embedded Control in IoT


The Internet of Things (IoT) consists of intelligent objects capable of sensing environmental conditions such as motion, temperature and proximity, then processing this data and communicating to humans, machines, or systems. IoT covers a wide range of applications including wearable fitness and medical devices, intelligent appliances, smart energy hubs, automotive, and industrial equipment, to name a few. Today, millions of connected devices comprise the Internet of Things. In the not so distant future, the IoT will consist of billions of intelligent, connected devices. DesignWare® processor solutions, subsystems and ASIP tools efficiently enable the sensor control, embedded processing and communication interfaces of IoT applications. These extremely performance-efficient solutions are ideally suited to support the area- and power-constrained processing requirements of these ultra-low power devices.

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