Processor Solutions for High-end Wearables

High-end, battery-operated wearable devices such as smart watches demand a high level of processing capabilities as well as a rich set of integrated functions, including wireless communications, sensor fusion, audio processing, and gesture recognition. Synopsys' rich portfolio of DesignWare processors and subsystems provide the functionality and performance required for these demanding devices, while operating within the strictest power envelopes.

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Data Fusion Subsystem

  • ARC EMxD for power-critical, battery-operated devices
  • Power-efficient sensor fusion with Smart Data Fusion IP Subsystem
  • Support for tightly coupled digital and analog sensors
  • Support for voice, gesture, image detection, & basic audio payback


  • ARC HS38 high-performance 32-bit processors with support for SMP Linux
  • Multicore interface options
  • Closely coupled memories & direct mapped peripherals
  • Customized instructions to integrate user HW accelerators

Bluetooth Low Energy Baseband

  • ARC EM4 and EM6 processors optimized for power & area
  • Tightly coupled communications MACs for lower latency, power

WiFi 802.11x transceiver