SpyGlass DFT ADV

RTL Testability Analysis and Improvement

SpyGlass® DFT ADV performs RTL testability analysis and improvement, enabling designers to fine-tune their RTL early in the design cycle to predictably meet their manufacturing and in-system test coverage goals. The tool’s extensive design-for-test (DFT) rule checking and RTL fault coverage estimation capabilities help designers pinpoint testability issues early in the flow and thus avoid test bottlenecks downstream that can lead to time-consuming design iterations.


  • Shortens test implementation time and cost by ensuring RTL or netlist is scan-compliant
  • Improves test quality by diagnosing DFT issues early at RTL or netlist 


  • Lint checking and analysis for DFT
  • RTL stuck-at and transition fault coverage estimation
  • Intuitive, integrated debug environment with cross-probing among views 
RTL testability analysis and improvement

SpyGlass DFT ADV addresses testability issues early in the design flow