Custom Compiler

DAC 2017 Custom Compiler Lunch Panel

Cutting Custom Layout Tasks from Days to Hours

The DAC 2017 Custom Compiler Lunch Videolog showcases how Panasonic, STMicroelectronics, TDK-Micronas and TSMC deployed Custom Compiler to improve productivity for both FinFET and established nodes.

Visually-assisted Automation for Custom Design

Custom Compiler™ is Synopsys' full-custom solution that features the pioneering visually-assisted automation flow that speeds up custom design tasks, reduces iterations and enables reuse. Tuned for rapid implementation of FinFET custom designs, it shortens the time it takes to complete FinFET custom design tasks from days to hours. Its visually-assisted automation flow leverages the graphical use model familiar to layout designers while eliminating the need to write complicated code and constraints.


  • Template Assistants help designers reuse existing custom layout know-how
  • In-Design Assistants reduce iterations with native design rule checks and parasitic extraction
  • Layout Assistants speed up layout tasks with user-guided placement and routing
  • Co-Design Assistants unify custom and digital flow to accelerate mixed-signal IC design