Laker Flat Panel Display

Single Environment for Creating and Editing FPD Design

The Synopsys Laker™ Flat Panel Display (FPD) solution is the leading technology in flat panel display design and layout. With built-in functions custom-tailored for flat panel layout, Laker FPD enables FPD designers to create, edit and verify the flat panel design from reticle plan and circuit design to panel layout in a single high-performance environment.


  • Reduce total design cycle time by reticle and panel co-design
  • Reticle cost optimization based on automatic mask and shot planning
  • Schematic-driven flow with reference FPD device PDK
  • Correct-by-construction panel layout creation
  • High quality of results from specialized FPD routing automation
  • Tight integration with signoff physical verification
Flat panel display editor

Laker FPD schematic-driven flow with reference device PDK