Processor Solutions for Baseband SoCs

Baseband SoCs share the constrained battery life requirements of any mobile devices, but need to handle both increasing throughput requirements plus multi-standard support. High-performance ARC multicore processors and ASIPs implementing high-performance signal-processing functionality address these challenges.

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Bluetooth Low Energy Baseband

  • ARC EM4 and EM6 processors optimized for power & area
  • Tightly coupled communications MACs for lower latency, power

WiFi 802.11x transceiver


  • ARC HS38 high-performance 32-bit processors with support for SMP Linux
  • Multicore interface options
  • Closely coupled memories & direct mapped peripherals
  • Custom instruction extensions to add differentiating HW

Vector DSP


  • Multicore HS36 w/ coherent L2 cache to manage the LTE Layer 2 functionality

Audio subsystem

Specialized ASIPs