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Portable Gaming


Portable gaming devices share the constrained battery life requirements of other mobile devices, but require an increasing level of support for video and graphics processing and wireless connectivity. Higher performance ARC multi-core processors and the DesignWare Audio Subsystem efficiently support today's media-rich gaming content. 

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SD Game Card

  • ARC EM4 for power-critical, bus-powered apps like SD cards
  • Best-in-class code density reduces memory size & power
  • Fast interrupts and 2nd register file for real-time response
  • Custom instruction extensions to add differentiating HW

WiFi/Bluetooth LE Transceiver

Power Management IC


  • ARC HS for high-performance processing of media rich content
  • Dual- & quad-core ARC HS for multiprocessing performance
  • Best-in-class DMIPS/mW for battery-operated applications

Video Engine

  • ARC HS for high-performance processing of media rich content
  • High-performance ARC HS38 provides MMU support for Linux

Audio Subsystem