Software Development Kit

Our free FMU Software Development Kit demonstrates the use of the FMI standard for the exchange of simulation models.

  • We support the FMI Standard for the exchange of simulation models with our free Software Development Kit for developers and integrators of FMU models.

  • The FMU SDK also serves as a starting point for the development of tools that can be used to develop and execute FMUs.

  • QTronic is a member of the FMI Steering Committee and has provided the FMI project leader since 2016

FMU SDK 2.0.6

The FMU SDK contains C source code for various discrete and continuous FMU models as well as build scripts for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

It also includes an XML parser to process the model description of an FMU and a simple simulation program that runs a given FMU and outputs the result as CSV file.

The FMU SDK for Windows platforms (both 32bit and 64 bit), Linux and Mac OS X can be downloaded from here.