Virtual Prototyping Book

Better Software. Faster!

Best practices in virtual prototyping from mobile, industrial, consumer and automotive companies.

Best Practices in Virtual Prototyping

Better Software. Faster! dives deep into virtual prototyping as the key methodology to enable concurrent hardware/software development by decoupling the dependency of the software development from hardware availability. The ability to start software development much earlier in the design cycle drives a true "shift left" of the entire product development schedule and results in better products that are available earlier.

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If you are a software developer, manager or executive feeling pressured to meet a product release deadline for the next tradeshow or customer project, while the availability of the board for your next system-on-chip (SoC) keeps getting delayed, this book explains a methodology to enable earlier software availability by removing the hardware dependency.

If you are a product manager being asked to leapfrog your closest competitor for the next key product, this book will tell you what your development team can do to make this happen.

If you are a vice president of product engineering, this book explains how to engage the software team much earlier to improve delivery of a successful product with tightly optimized hardware and software.

If you are a general manager, this book provides you with the insight into some of the virtual prototyping best practices major companies have embraced to make a sustainable impact on their bottom line.

Regardless of your vantage point, this book aims to help companies understand the value of making a process shift in their software development approach.

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