Chris Balough — Altera Corporation
Chris Balough is the Sr. Director of SoC Product Marketing at Altera.

Jeff DaSilva — Altera Corporation
Jeff DaSilva currently leads the Embedded Tools Team at Altera, where his team is responsible for delivering the SoC and Nios II Embedded Development Suites.

Tom De Schutter — Synopsys, Inc.
Tom De Schutter is responsible for driving the virtual prototyping business at Synopsys.

Jerry Flake — Lauterbach, Inc.
Jerry Flake is the Sales Manager for Lauterbach, Inc., and is responsible for both Sales and Marketing of JTAG/Nexus debuggers and in-circuit-emulators.

Paolo Giusto — General Motors
Paolo Giusto is an R&D Staff Researcher at General Motors, at the Advanced Technology Silicon Valley Office in Palo Alto, CA, with over 25 years of industrial experience.

Naonobu Hasumi — Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited
Mr. Hasumi joined Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited in 1993 where he has worked in layout design, RTL design and system level design.

Mamoru Kani — Kyocera Document Solutions
Mamoru Kani is manager of the SoC design group for office electronics products at Kyocera Document Solutions.

Robert Kaye — ARM
Robert Kaye is a Technical Specialist at ARM focusing on system modeling.

Donald J. McCune — Hitachi America, Ltd.
DJ McCune has been working at Hitachi America R&D since 2003. His current position is Group Leader/Senior Researcher for the Embedded Systems Group.

Victoria Mitchell — Altera Corporation
Victoria (Vicki) Mitchell manages the worldwide embedded software team at Altera, where her group is responsible for models and simulation, development tools, and OS enablement for Altera's microprocessor subsystems.

Khasim Syed Mohammed — Linaro
Khasim works at Linaro as Android Tech Lead. Khasim has 12+ years of rich experience on Linux distributions, kernel and device drivers for ARM SoCs.

Naoya Morita — Ricoh
Morita-san manages a verification team at Ricoh with a focus on virtual prototyping for hardware and software development with the goal to reduce turnaround time.

Achim Nohl — Synopsys, Inc.
Achim Nohl is a technical marketing manager for virtual prototyping at Synopsys.

Krishnan Palaniswami — Microsoft
Krishnan Palaniswami has been involved in the design and development of semiconductor based products for over 25 years.

Victor Reyes — Synopsys, Inc.
Victor Reyes works as Technical Marketing Manager for virtual prototyping at Synopsys, Inc.

Chris Rommel — VDC Research
Chris is responsible for syndicated research and consulting engagements focused on development and deployment solutions for intelligent systems.

Marc Serughetti — Synopsys, Inc.
Marc Serughetti is Director of Business Development for virtual prototyping at Synopsys.

Troy Scott — Synopsys, Inc.
Troy Scott, product marketing manager, is responsible for FPGA-based prototyping software tools at Synopsys.

Filip Thoen — Synopsys, Inc.
Filip Thoen is currently Product Architect in the virtual prototyping group at Synopsys.

Martin Vaupel — Bosch
Since 2004 Martin has been with Robert Bosch GmbH, first designing engine control units, now working at Corporate Research where his main research is exploiting virtual platforms for automotive applications.

Andreas Graf von Schwerin — Siemens
Andreas Graf von Schwerin is Principal for Electronic System Simulation at Siemens Industry , where he responsible for the introduction of System Level Design Methodology into the HW/SW-development process for industrial automation and electrical drive products.

Ralph Zak — Synopsys, Inc.
Ralph Zak is Director Business Development, Emulation Products, at Synopsys.