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Three virtual prototyping books Better Software Faster

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Better Software. Faster! is a practical guide to the use of virtual prototyping tools for concurrent hardware/software development. The ability to start software development much earlier in the design cycle drives a true “shift-left” of the entire product development schedule and results in better products that are available earlier in the market.

The contributors of Better Software. Faster! are experts in software development using virtual prototypes and believe that virtual prototyping is vital to the success of today’s embedded software projects. This book is a must-read for anyone responsible for the software development effort in their company and seeking best practices to mitigate aggressive development schedules.

You can download a FREE, full eBook edition (English, Chinese 中文版 and Japanese 日本語 in .pdf), and also purchase printed copies of the English edition through Synopsys Press, or you can order a copy through any bookstore. For more information about Better Software. Faster!, including contributor bios, please visit the VP Book website