Unparalleled design performance analysis ensuring optimum design quality

Today's complex electronics designs generate a vast amount of simulation data – CosmosScope™ turns that mountain of data into useful information.


With powerful analysis and measurement capabilities, patented waveform-calculator technology, and scripting language based on the industry standard Tcl/Tk, CosmosScope offers unparalleled capability and flexibility to analyze design performance and ensure design quality. CosmosScope supports all Synopsys simulators: PrimeSim™ HSPICE®, PrimeSim XA, Saber® and SaberHDL.  CosmosScope can also import industry common formats such as FSDB, Touchstone, and VCD.  Even measured or lab data can be imported thanks to CosmosScope ability to import tabular text or CSV files.
  • Performs post-processing of analog and digital simulation results
  • Automatically annotates graphs with design information using true WYSIWYG graphics, including arrows, shapes and text
  • Annotates graphs with 50 types of measurements for immediate visual feedback on design performance
  • Saves and restores graphs for further editing—entire CosmosScope sessions can be saved and restored to pick up where you left off
  • Streamlines the design process through tight integration with Synopsys' Cosmos™ full-custom design environment and third-party design frameworks