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The adoption of wide-bandgap power MOSFETs (SiC and GaN) is growing in power electronic applications for consumer electronics, automotive, and renewable energy. 

Successful implementation of simulation in system design requires high-fidelity, numerically robust, and compact power MOSFET models. 

The Saber circuit simulation environment offers a proven and mature solution with a dedicated tool that allows the creation of power MOSFET models simply from datasheets information and scanned curves. 

This webinar will demonstrate how to use the MOSFET characterization tool in Saber and show how the simulation matches the result that is measured in the lab.


Alan Courtay

Senior R&D Architect

Alan Courtay is a senior R&D architect at Synopsys working on the Saber simulator. After completing his engineering degree from Telecom Bretagne, France, in 1994, he worked at CERN for a couple of years. He is a specialist in power electronic modeling and simulation. He has authored many Saber features including the Model Architect tool suite (TLU, StateAMS, Fuse, MOSFET, IGBT, Magnetic Component, C Block, etc.), the Experiment Analyzer, the EV powertrain application example, the AC analysis for switched mode power supplies and more recently the SaberEXP simulator. He holds a patent and has co-authored eight IEEE publications.

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