Accelerate Coverage Closure Using AI/ML-based VCS ICO Technology

Functional verification dominates semiconductor development, consuming the largest percentage of project time and resources. Verification is never truly complete, so the decision to release a chip for software development on an emulation or FPGA prototyping platform, or for physical tape out, is based on a combination of factors. Verification engineers want to see key metrics converge to target goals, and do so with stringent cost and time constraints. Innovation that can accelerate this convergence and help find bugs sooner deliver high value by “shifting left” the verification process and therefore tape out and software development.  

In this Synopsys webinar, we will review Synopsys’ new Intelligent Coverage Optimization (ICO) technology, which reduces coverage regression turn-around time (TAT), while improving coverage and exposing rare bugs. ICO leverages AI/ML technologies to accumulate and learn from project experience, and deliver increasing optimization benefits over regression runs. ICO fits seamlessly in Synopsys VCS constrained random verification technologies and flows, and is an important new tool for verification engineers to use as part of Synopsys’ overall shift left solution.


Anika Malhotra Headshot

Anika Malhotra

Senior Product Marketing Manager
Verification Group


Anika Malhotra is a Senior Product Marketing Manager in Synopsys’ Verification Group. Anika has over 12 years of semiconductor industry experience spanning product management, research development and verification from prior roles at Cadence and Agilent Technologies. Anika holds a Master’s from the IIIT Bangalore, India. She currently is responsible for product marketing of Verification IP and VCS products. 

Anika Malhotra Headshot

Will Chen

Applications Engineer
Customer Success Group


Will Chen is a Principal Applications engineer in Synopsys’ Customer Success Group. Will has over 20 years of experience with account and project management for functional verification. He has recently been focusing on using AI/ML to improve verification efficiency and productivity.

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