SpringSoft Tools Migrating to Synopsys Common Licensing

June 2013 Migration to SCL

Starting with the June 2013 tool release, former SpringSoft tools will migrate to Synopsys Common Licensing (SCL). This includes Certitude, Laker, Novas, Verdi, and other tools based on the sclmgrd and snslmgrd vendor daemons.

The migration to SCL means that starting June 2013:

  • SCL 11.6 will be released
  • License keys for tools based on SpringSoft vendor daemons will be reissued in the Synopsys combined vendor daemon (cvd) format (June 7, 2013)
  • cvd-format license keys will be available for download at the SmartKeys Website

The cvd-format keys will require Synopsys Common Licensing version 11.6. Instructions for setting up and starting SCL version 11.6 will be posted online in the Synopsys Licensing QuickStart Guide

You will be required to migrate to SCL version 11.6 if you have SpringSoft features and you move to a new license file issued on or after June 7, 2013. Activities that could trigger the required upgrade include:

  • Retrieving a new keyfile from SmartKeys
  • A new or renewal order is placed
  • Keys are remixed or extended
  • Keys are rehosted

SCL version 11.6 provides the following benefits:

  • Compatibility with new tool releases
  • Backward compatibility with older SpringSoft releases
  • A simplified licensing setup (one license file, one vendor daemon) for all Synopsys products
  • A 24x7 license key retrieval mechanism, available at SmartKeys.


How to Migrate to Synopsys Common Licensing 

In June 2013, you will receive a single license cvd-format file for both SpringSoft and Synopsys products. To use this license file, the following actions must be taken:

1.     Make sure your license server OS is supported by Synopsys Common Licensing.  See the list here.

2.     Download and Install SCL version 11.6

3.     Customize the new cvd-format license file (SERVER and VENDOR lines)

4.     Bring down the SpringSoft license daemons (snslmgrd and sclmgrd)

5.     Start the SCL version 11.6 vendor daemon

This migration will not require you to update your tool versions, as Synopsys Common Licensing version 11.6 will be able to support older versions of the SpringSoft tools.

Plan your migration to SCL version 11.6 now.