Dongle Setup & Troubleshooting

Prior to using your dongle-based licenses you must install a dongle driver. If you have counted license keys, the Synopsys Common Licensing software must also be installed and started.  (Uncounted keys do not require SCL.  However, uncounted keys cannot be used over a remote desktop connection.)

For Linux, see the DONGLE_README.txt file in the scl_root\platform\drivers directory for setup instructions.

For Windows OS:

  1. Make sure the OS is supported. (Windows 7 and Windows Server 2012 are no longer supported.)
    See the SCL Release Notes in the scl_root\doc directory for information on supported versions of Windows.    

  2. Remove the dongle.

  3. For dongles that reference FLEXID=9-:
    •  Install the latest FlexId 9 drivers located at scl_root\win32\drivers\SCL_FLEXID9_Installer.exe.
  4. For dongles that reference FLEXID=10-:
    • Browse to scl_root\win32\drivers and extract to scl_root\version\win32\drivers\wibu.
    • Browse to scl_root\win32\drivers\wibu\FLEXID10_Windows_v6_51_x64
    • Click Setup.exe
    • On the page Select the WibuKey components you like to install: deselect all options.
      This will install just the plain Wibu dongle driver.
  5. If you have an older dongle (such as FLEXID=7-):
    • Run scl_root\win32\driver\Flexera_FLEXID9\FLEXIdInstaller.exe to install the correct legacy driver.  
  6. Reinsert the dongle.  Attach it directly to the system; do not attach the dongle to another device or to a USB hub.
  7. Verify the dongle is recognized by using lmtools:
    • Start “lmtools” (provided with SCL). lmtools is located in the scl_root\win32\bin directory.
    • Click Help > About. The lmtools version number must be 11.19.1 or higher.
    • Click the System Setting tab and make sure the correct FlexId shows in the "FLEXID" field matches the FLEXid imprinted on the dongle.
      NOTE:  If you do not have lmtools, you can use lmutil, if available.  The syntax is

                          lmutil lmhostid -flexid -long

  8. If the above steps do not help:
    • Remove the dongle
    • Uninstall any old drivers via the Add or Remove Programs Control Panel applet. These may have names like Aladdin HASP, Globetrotter FLEXid Driver, Macrovision FLEXid Driver, Rainbow Technologies, Sentinel or Sentinel System Drivers.
    • Shut down and restart the system.
    • Repeate steps 6 and 7.
  9. Once the correct FlexId shows, start the SCL license server with lmtools. (SCL is only required for counted licenses.) For details on starting SCL on Windows, click here.
  10. After SCL is started, go to Control Panel > System > Advanced > Environment Variables and set the system licensing variable SNPSLMD_LICENSE_FILE or LM_LICENSE_FILE to point to the license server. For example, set SNPSLMD_LICENSE_FILE to 27020@my_server.