Legacy Tool Support

In March 2015, Synopsys will remove authorizations for the avantd and synopsysd legacy daemons from its standard common vendor daemon-format (cvd-format) license files. This license file format change means that you will not be able to run certain older software versions.

For each affected tool, the table below lists the latest tool version that is incompatible with the new license file format, and then lists the earliest tool version that is compatible. If you need to use a tool version that is listed as incompatible, please contact your Account Manager to special request legacy-format licenses.

Compatibility of Former avantd and synopsysd Tools with Latest cvd License File Format
ToolIncompatible with SCLFirst Tool Version
Compatible with SCL
Legacy Daemon
Astro2002.2 & Prior2003.03avantd
BSD Compiler
1999.05 & Prior1999.10synopsysd
CoreBuilder/CoreConsultant1999.05 & Prior1999.10synopsysd
CosmosScope2002.2 & Prior2003.03avantd
Design Compiler (Synthesis) 1999.05 & Prior1999.10synopsysd
DFT  (Synthesis)
1999.05 & Prior1999.10synopsysd
Formality1999.05 & Prior1999.10synopsysd
Hercules2002.2 & Prior2003.03avantd
HSPICE2002.4 & Prior2003.03avantd
IC CompilerN/A2005.06
IC Validator
Library Compiler (Synthesis) 1999.05 & Prior1999.10synopsysd
Milkyway 2002.2 & Prior2003.06avantd
Module Compiler1999.10 & Prior2000.05
PrimeTime1999.05 & Prior1999.10synopsysd
Proteus2002.4 & Prior
Protocol Compiler1999.05 & Prior1999.10synopsysd
Saber Harness2003.06 & Prior2003.12avantd
Saber Simulator2003.06 & Prior2003.12avantd
Saber Sketch2003.06 & Prior2003.12avantd
StarRC2002.2 & Prior2003.03avantd
StarSim2002.4 & Prior2003.03avantd
Test Compiler (Synthesis)
1999.05 & Prior1999.10synopsysd
TetraMAX1999.05 & Prior1999.10synopsysd