How Do I Order a FLEXnet Dongle for Synopsys Tools?


How Do I Order a FLEXnet (FLEXlm) Dongle for Synopsys Tools?


You can order FLEXnet-compatible dongles from Flexera Software. Follow this procedure:

  1. Contact Flexera Software to obtain a quotation and to place your order for a FLEXid-9 USB dongle.

    Dongle request e-mail address:
    Contact: Julie Greenall at 44 1925 742146

  2. After you have received the dongle, pass the dongle hostid information on to your sales representative. The dongle hostID (needed for "cutting" your license key file) is printed on the dongle and has a "FLEXid=9-" prefix and an 8-character suffix. For example: FLEXid=9-12345678 (SafeNet USB dongle).

    Except for maintenance renewals, orders are no longer accepted for licenses for Rainbow/Sentinel (FLEXid=7-) or Dallas (FLEXid=8-) dongles. The USB "FLEXid=9" dongle is compatible with HSPICE version 2005.03 or higher.


    Synopsys no longer supports the Sentinel SuperPro dongles on the Linux OS. (For SuperPro dongles on the Windows OS, only uncounted licenses are supported.) If you have such licenses, contact your Synopsys Account Manager directly to request a free USB replacement dongle and a new license file for the new FLEXid hostid.

  3. If this order is related to the rehost of an existing license file, you must fill out a "rehost form," obtainable from your Account Manager (there might be a rehost charge). Off-support licenses cannot be rehosted.

  4. If necessary, install the correct dongle driver. For SCL 2016.12, the drivers are in the scl_root/<platform>/drivers directory. For example, on the Windows platform, the FLEXid driver is at scl_root/2016.12/win32/drivers/SCL_FLEXID9_Installer.exe.

    Click here to download the Flexera Dongle Driver Installation Guide.

  5. For counted licenses only, SCL is also required. (SCL is not required for uncounted, or severless, licenses.) Download and install SCL 2016.12 for Windows or Linux.

    For details on how to start SCL on the Windows OS, click here