Powering and Securing the Cloud, from Silicon to Software

In the era of Smart, Secure Everything, the growing cloud infrastructure is changing our approach to big data, storage, and risk analysis. The advantages of the cloud are that it provides flexible models (public, private, or hybrid), simplified IT management, remote access, mobility, and cost-efficiency. But data centers require massive processing power. And as more mission-critical applications migrate to the cloud, data privacy and software security are growing concerns.

Synopsys helps you take full advantage of the benefits of the cloud, from silicon to software. Our silicon design and verification solutions and our IP portfolio help you build chips with state-of-the-art processing power, memory, and real-time capacity to address throughput and quality-of-service requirements for next-gen cloud services. We also help you configure chips and systems to support specialized markets like finance and healthcare, and applications like server blades, networking, and storage. Our software integrity solutions help you "lift and shift" your applications to the cloud securely.

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