OptoDesigner Photonic Chip and Mask Layout

Advanced Connectors Module

Connectivity is a core capability of OptoDesigner, which simplifies the task of routing waveguides with advanced connectors and routing functionality. The OptoDesigner Advanced Connectors Module implements interconnecting waveguides (or electrical connections) into a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design and mask layout.

The Advanced Connectors Module further automates the design flow with elastic connectors that can connect two or more points in the mask layout. If required, constraints such as optical path length, phase relations, and bend curvature are taken into account.


The connectors provided in the Advanced Connectors Module are simple to use and maintain connectivity throughout the design cycle, including bus routing, phase-matched routing, optical pathlength calculations, auto waveguide or metal waveguide crossing placement, and RF GSG routing.

You can easily add your own connectors to the library or work with our Application Engineers to develop customized connectors or routing approaches. 


Single layer fully automatic elastic routing for optical or electrical (DC/RF) connections and interfaces within a PIC design.


  • Manhattan-style connectors
  • Way point assisted, including relative coordinates
  • Provides predefined bends and straights
  • Supports user-defined and PDK building blocks
  • Path length defined connectors
  • Automatic crossing inserter

Figure 1. Switch made with Manhattan connectors and automatic insertion of crossings.

Figure 2. GDS view of connectors on a silicon mask.

Figure 3. Mach-Zehnder Interferometer with  phase-aware connector in the upper arm.