ESP Bridging the Gap Video Series

Formal Verification for Custom Digital Design

Synopsys ESP is an equivalence checker for full custom designs. It enables fast and reliable comparison of a Verilog reference design against a transistor-level SPICE netlist. It is ideally suited for a wide range of custom digital applications, including:

  • Compiled and custom memories (i.e. CAM, SRAM, ROM, etc.)
  • Datapath blocks
  • Programmable Logic (FPGA)
  • Standard cell and I/O libraries

Introduction to ESP for Custom Design Formal Verification

Learn how ESP can solve your custom digital verification challenges.

High Coverage Verification with ESP Symbolic Simulation

Learn how ESP’s powerful symbolic simulation technology can provide high functional verification coverage orders of magnitude faster than SPICE.

Functional Timing Accuracy with ESP Device Model

Learn how the ESP device model technology can deliver speed and functional timing accuracy.

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