Any Tool, Any Flow

LynxNXT Automation System can be leveraged to create and automate flows for many critical implementation, validation, regression, and correlation tasks; enabling engineers to focus on achieving project goals. It allows designers to start with the integrated Fusion Platform Methodology (Figure 1), or customize tool capabilities and methodologies based on project-specific requirements by integrating third-party tools as needed.

The Fusion Platform Manager flow is tuned to deliver superior quality of results with the tools from the Synopsys Fusion Design Platform. Built on silicon-proven Fusion-based reference methodologies, the Fusion Platform Methodology can easily be used for rapid Fusion-based tool flow deployment and adoption.


The Benefits of Fusion Platform Methodology

Figure 1: The Benefits of Fusion Platform Methodology

With the Fusion Platform Manager, flow configuration can include Synopsys tools such as Fusion Compiler, Design Compiler® NXT, TestMAX™ DFT, PrimeTime®, IC Compiler II, IC Validator, SpyGlass, Formality, and StarRC™. Used within LynxNXT, this hierarchical, RTL-to-GDSII implementation flow includes the following features:

  • Built-in methodologies for design optimization, including optimizations for low power, area, performance, and manufacturability
  • Full-chip hierarchical RTL-to-GDSII support
  • Design environment support for job distribution, job submission optimization, revision control and data management
  • Project-based deployment model enabling multi-site and multi-user support
  • Full technical support and regular updates to the latest tools and methodologies
Sample flow templates included with LynxNXT

Figure 2: Sample Flow Templates included with LynxNXT

While the LynxNXT Automation System flow is tuned to deliver superior quality of results with the Synopsys Fusion Design Platform™ other custom or third-party tools can be readily incorporated into the design flow by updating standards-based and well understood TCL scripts. Such customized flows can include flows for regression, correlation- library QA, multi-node IP verification. Sample flow structure templates are included as shown in Figure 2 above.