When a properly constructed flow is coupled with the Runtime Manager’s automation and the Design Tracker’s reporting the Lynx Design System starts to unlock end-user productivity.  Included in the Lynx Design System are a couple of highly leveraged flows that users can begin taking advantage of right away.  These include:

  • Baseline RTL-to-GDSII flow.  This flow is designed to meet the needs of multi-user and multi-site design teams and is based on the tools in Fusion Design Platform and associated Reference Methodologies (RM).  The flow is hierarchical, full chip, RTL2GDSII in nature and includes signoff analysis.  The flow is actively developed and maintained to demonstrate the latest tools and methodologies and is regressed nightly with designs of various styles (e.g. blocks and hierarchical, non-MV and MV), with differing flows (e.g. feasibility, OOB, QOR) and with multiple foundry technology nodes.  The flow is architected to take full advantage of the Runtime Manager automation features.
  • Technology process node configuration plug-in.  This flow gives CAD teams and designers a template configuration of tool and flow settings to quickly configure the baseline flow for their choice of standard cell libraries and memories. To further expedite project setup, pre-validated configurations for commonly used libraries and process nodes are optionally available. They include process technology information and representative flow and tool settings for specific libraries and foundry nodes spanning from established nodes down to leading-edge advanced nodes. Please note that some nodes require a 3-way NDA with foundry, Synopsys and customer to gain access.
  • Library quality assurance (QA) flow.  The library quality assurance plug-in includes scripts and documentation to configure and pre-test any library and technology files for proper execution in the design flow. These comprehensive data and integration checks help ensure that the incoming library and hard IP are configured correctly in the context of the design.  Mismatched, incorrect, or incomplete technology and library files can negatively impact a design project’s schedule and a designer’s productivity. The risk is especially high at newer process nodes where technology data is constantly changing.  
  • RM-in-Lynx (downloadable from SolvNet).  Latest Synopsys RMs (also downloadable from SolvNet) can be directly executed by the Runtime Manager. These tool specific RMs showcase the latest tools and technologies and often serve as reference for user-driven full flow development.

Additionally, users regularly augment and supplement the shipped flows to meet their specific needs and domains (e.g. third-party tools).  In some situations, users choose to create custom flows from scratch.  Regardless of your flow need, the automation applications of the Lynx Design System help you unlock your end-user productivity.