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Introducing Synopsys Cloud

Cloud native EDA tools and pre-optimized hardware platforms. Experience unlimited EDA licenses with true pay-per-use on an hourly or per-minute basis.

The RSoft™ Photonic Device Tools include the most comprehensive suite of rigorous optical solvers to design passive and active photonic devices and systems, including lasers and VCSELs. No single optical simulation algorithm meets the needs of all applications, and making the right choice is necessary to optimize simulation time and accuracy. The RSoft Photonic Device Tools address this challenge by incorporating the following algorithms:

Each RSoft algorithm engine shares a common design file and CAD interface; you can toggle between multiple RSoft tools without having to import designs or parameters. The tools are widely used to design active components such as LEDs and lasers, a variety of passive components such as waveguides and modulators, as well as nano-photonics and metal-materials such as liquid crystals and lithography systems.


Benefits of RSoft on Synopsys Cloud

The RSoft Photonic Device Tools are now available on Synopsys Cloud, which was released in March 2022 and has been chosen as the design platform of choice for many customers in the last 12 months. Synopsys Cloud users can take advantage of our FlexEDA model of unlimited pay-per-use software, as well as short-duration subscription licenses, to achieve their design objectives of quicker Time-to-Result (TtR) and superior Quality-of-Result (QoR) -- all at a much lower Cost-of-Result (CoR).

The RSoft Photonic Device Tools join families of Synopsys EDA software on Synopsys Cloud, including Synopsys OptoCompiler and Synopsys OptSim, the industry’s only unified electronic and photonic design solution. Synopsys Cloud offers a comprehensive environment to design everything from SOCs to photonic devices, circuits and systems.

You can choose how you want to deploy Synopsys Cloud. We offer a Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) solution, which allows you to bring in the cloud vendor of your choice to run the RSoft Photonic Device Tools. Or, you can take advantage of the Synopsys Cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, which offers access to virtual machines that have been optimized for the RSoft Photonic Device Tools. With SaaS, you get access to RSoft tools without the time and overhead of building and maintaining infrastructure.

Whether you choose the BYOC or SaaS solutions, Synopsys Cloud can help you be productive immediately and dramatically improve TtR, QoR, and CoR for a wide range of photonic applications.

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Synopsys, EDA, and the Cloud

Synopsys is the industry’s largest provider of electronic design automation (EDA) technology used in the design and verification of semiconductor devices, or chips. With Synopsys Cloud, we’re taking EDA to new heights, combining the availability of advanced compute and storage infrastructure with unlimited access to EDA software licenses on-demand so you can focus on what you do best – designing chips, faster. Delivering cloud-native EDA tools and pre-optimized hardware platforms, an extremely flexible business model, and a modern customer experience, Synopsys has reimagined the future of chip design on the cloud, without disrupting proven workflows.


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Emilie Viasnoff graduated from Ecole Normale Supérieure (Lyon, France) as a physicist specializing in optics and photonics. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of PARIS Sud, France, on optical properties of photonic crystals. From 2005 to 2009, she worked as an R&D project leader at Saint-Gobain. In 2009, she moved to CEA-LETI and then CEA-DRT, where she spent 12 years in various positions as manager of R&D teams in display technologies, optics, photonics, microelectronics, and microsystems. In 2021, she moved to the Bay area, where she is now in charge of the strategy and business development for the Optical Solutions Group within Synopsys. Emilie Viasnoff has published over 15 publications, papers, books, and articles and holds eight patents.

About The Author

Teng-Kiat works on the Synopsys Cloud team as a Technical Marketing Director. He is responsible for Product Engineering and product roadmaps on Synopsys Cloud. Prior to joining Synopsys, he worked on EDA products at Ansys (RaptorX) and Cadence (AMS Designer and Virtuoso) as Product Engineering Director. Before that, he was an R&D Engineering Manager at Hewlett-Packard/Agilent Technology working on optical communication ICs and high-speed IO transceivers. He holds a Master of Engineering degree from National University of Singapore with a thesis that focused on efficient mixed-signal simulation algorithms.

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