Why Synopsys Cloud

Synopsys Cloud is a software platform that enables delivery of EDA tools, IP and infrastructure for end-to-end chip design through a browser. It leverages cloud infrastructure available from Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud, for a highly performant on-demand design experience. With its unique FlexEDA business model, and patented license management and metering service, designers can scale EDA workloads with extreme flexibility. 

Exponential Compute Power | Synopsys Cloud

40% Faster Time to Results

Boost EDA workflows on the cloud, transforming weeks into mere days.

Unmatched Flexibility

Extremely flexible deployment options, budget allocation & cutting-edge compute. Run more iterations for higher quality and deliver on schedule. 

Powerful Partnerships

Leverage our extensive integrated partner ecosystem of EDA, IP, foundry & cloud providers. Enable multi-vendor flows with one-click deployment.

License Automation

Complete EDA license management automation with in-app purchases, on-demand activation, and license server autoscaling on SaaS or BYOC.

Industry-Leading Features

Understand the FlexEDA Pay-Per-Use Model

Unveiling FlexEDA – our groundbreaking, patent-pending pay-per-use cloud solution. This model offers unparalleled flexibility and grants unrestricted access to the entire Synopsys Cloud application suite. Experience the power of unlimited parallel processing, slashing time-to-result metrics dramatically—from weeks to mere minutes. With FlexEDA, we've obliterated traditional resource barriers, ensuring you have unfettered access, anytime you need.

How FlexEDA Works →

Seamless Job Scheduling and Bursting

Why companies are looking for a hybrid solution

Many companies use both an on-prem datacenter as well as cloud contract with a cloud service provider for their chip design needs. On-prem computing infrastructure may not have the capacity at a given moment, or the most advanced resources available, to support chip design from start to finish. However, utilizing cloud computing for burst computing requires manual upload and download of data which can take time away design time as data is synced. 


How the Synopsys Cloud Hybrid Solution works

Synopsys Cloud Hybrid enables design teams to burst their EDA workloads to the cloud securely, seamlessly, and quickly. Design teams can simply submit an EDA job to the scheduler and move on to their next task. Meanwhile, the secure hybrid solution automatically splits the job between cloud and on-prem compute resources based on available capacity, and the jobs run simultaneously. All of the data generated by the job is synchronized automatically and in real-time between the cloud and on-prem, so there is no need to manually transfer data. Output data is automatically synchronized back to on-prem compute resources for analysis and processing. 

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Dive Into Deployment Models

BYOC and SaaS Options with Synopsys Cloud

Collaborating with top-tier cloud giants, Synopsys eliminates the complexities of cloud infrastructure setup. From SaaS deployments to the flexibility of BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud), we ensure a seamless transition, granting you the freedom to deploy EDA workloads according to your vision.

BYOC: Collaborate directly with Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud, retaining full control over your cloud compute. Leverage Synopsys Cloud for license management automation, FlexEDA pay-per-use, and detailed usage analytics. Run the same flows with your existing scripts. 

SaaS: Streamline your design process with our SaaS deployment model. Skip infrastructure setup and license server hassles. Dive into design with one contract granting access to all essential software, hardware, IP, multi-vendor flows, and scheduling, all through a browser window.

On-Premises: Teams that run EDA tools on-prem using their own compute can also leverage Synospys Cloud for license management automation capabilities.



Hassle-free License Management


Automate and Scale Seamlessly

Synopsys Cloud eliminates the complexity of maintaining license servers in a fast, scalable, and fully automated way, allowing chip designers to focus on their primary tasks. Summarizing the benefits discussed, Synopsys Cloud for license server management can:

  • Save time that is spent on acquiring licenses and maintaining license server infrastructure
  • Provide virtually infinite license scalability by instant access to thousands of EDA tool licenses at the click of a button
  • Enable revolutionary EDA flows through a true FlexEDA pay-per-use model

Read the Blog: License Management Automation →

Reduces Compute Costs by up to 75%

Spot and and On-Demand VMs

The Synopsys ChipSpot solution is built on the concept of creating a “virtual machine array” optimized for each EDA tool which contains a mix of Spot and on-demand VMs.

Based on termination signal predictions from its AI-driven algorithm, the solution migrates the running EDA workload, live, to an on-demand VM in the VM array, thus reducing the chances of the workload being terminated.

Once spot availability eases, the running state is migrated back to a spot VM in the array.

Synopsys ChipSpot enables customers to save up to 75% off on-demand compute prices with 99.5% reliability. 

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Download the ChipSpot Datasheet →

Now More Powerful with Release 6.0

Synopsys Cloud 6.0, released in March 2024, amplifies your chip design capabilities by blending the power of cloud-native EDA tools with pre-optimized compute resources. Access unlimited EDA software licenses by the minute through the novel FlexEDA business model and pay for only what you use in real time. With the addition of advanced features such as complete license management automation, enhanced analytics, and the availability of multi-vendor flows, the platform empowers you to design higher quality chips, faster. Dive into an optimized ecosystem without disrupting your established EDA flows, and let Synopsys Cloud redefine your design horizon.

Release 6.0 includes:

  • Hybrid Cloud: Synopsys Cloud can split a job between cloud and on-prem compute resources based on available capacity, and the jobs run simultaneously. All of the data generated by the job is synchronized in real-time between the cloud and on-prem, so there is no need to manually transfer data.
  • End-to-End License Management Automation: Eliminate license management bottlenecks and overhead by leveraging Synopsys Cloud license management service for on-premise, SaaS or BYOC from any public cloud with in-app license purchase, instant activation, availability and unlimited scalability. 
  • SOC 2® Type 2 Certification: Demonstrates Synopsys Cloud's adherence to critical security standards that safeguard your data against unauthorized access, by following trusted industry principles of security, availability, processing integrity, and confidentiality.
  • Enhanced User Experience with Portal 2.0: A complete portal UI refresh with a scalable and modular backend engine and front end-support for cutting edge features including granular budget governance, dynamic scaling of compute clusters, heterogenous compute clusters for full flow automation, and detailed usage analytics at tool, user or infrastructure level.
  • ChipSpot: Save on high performance compute costs by running high-memory EDA workloads on spot instances using a unique AI based solution for implementation, timing analysis, verification, functional simulation, and more, with 99.5% reliability at up to 75% lower cost. Download the ChipSpot datasheet
  • Enhanced Scheduler Support: Leverage LSF, UGE or Slurm across multiple deployment options, depending on your needs.


Unlock Streamlined SaaS Instances for EDA

Each instance is meticulously crafted, addressing a broad spectrum of chip design requirements and suiting varying customer needs, ensuring optimal solutions for all your design challenges.


Automated flows for analog circuit design, offering end-to-end solutions from design to verification across a multitude of applications.

Explore Analog SaaS →


Complete digital design solutions encompassing synthesis to RTL-to-signoff. Access vital EDA tools swiftly and efficiently.

Explore Digital SaaS →


A holistic verification simulation suite, inclusive of debug and analysis. Pre-configured tasks eliminate the need for extensive CAD/IT support.

Explore Verification SaaS →


Unified platform for designing innovative  photonic devices, systems, and integrated circuits with a complete front-to-back design flow and the flexibility for provisioning hardware and design tools.

Explore Photonic SaaS →

Trusted by Industry Leaders

We take pride in our enduring relationships with leading cloud providers and foundries. Our collaborative approach ensures that Synopsys Cloud is not just robust but also validated and endorsed by some of the most reputable names in the industry. 

 New Synopsys Cloud OpenLink Program Delivers Seamless Interoperability for Semiconductor Design Ecosystem


  • SOC 2® Type 2 Compliance demonstrates commitment to safeguarding your data against unauthorized access
  • Security by design based on Synopsys' industry-leading Software Integrity Platform
  • Data encryption in transit and at rest
  • Multi-factor authentication with role-based access
  • Dedicated virtual network with workload protection, vulnerability management, and 24x7 incident response

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