TestWeaver - Virtual Testing

Reach new levels of test coverage

TestWeaver, our intelligent test automation solution, creates and runs system tests to detect errors, achieving maximal test coverage with minimal specification effort.

Classical test automation is complemented by thousands of computer-generated scenario variations. Self-learning algorithms are used to maximize the coverage of:

  • Hardware States
  • Software States
  • Environment Conditions
  • Driver Maneuvers
  • Parameter Tolerances
  • Component Faults

Thousands of functional requirements are systematically modeled and monitored

Functional requirements are modeled as system invariants. To do so, TestWeaver provides a simple but powerful modeling language: The Requirement Modeling Language (RML). RML models are translated by TestWeaver into C / C ++ code and provided in executable form, for example as FMU, to the simulation. Thousands of RML models can run in any scenario in real time, or even faster. As a result, all requirements are continuously monitored in all scenarios, whether specified by test script, measured on the road, or automatically generated by TestWeaver.

The increased density of the monitored conditions combined with the large coverage of the applied test stimuli yields outstanding results for the systematic test of complex systems.

Function test: Comprehensive. Intelligent. Autonomous.

Faster to better product with continuous integration and test

Switch to an agile development process with continuous integration and test! After an initial effort to set-up the process, the tests with TestWeaver can be performed automatically, from module level up to the virtual system level – for instance with nightly builds.  This way, software bugs can be detected and corrected earlier in simulation, before even moving the vehicle.

ADAS and automated driving

Huge numbers of driving situations must be considered and safe-guarded before releasing automated driving functions. Car, driver, traffic, street and environment conditions interact in combination. Simulation with automated large coverage testing, as provided by TestWeaver, seems to be the only conceivable approach able to reach the test coverage level required by these applications.

Test Automation

We develop a test automation for you based on TestWeaver, either once, as part of a pilot project, or continuously performing the tests during the development for every software release.

We provide consulting regarding test and validation with virtual ECUs (vECUs) and help with setting up a corresponding tool chain for continuous integration and test, for example, based on Jenkins.

For more information on training using the Silver product, please contact us.