Custom WaveView

Waveform Viewer and Simulation Post-processing Tool

Custom WaveView™ is a graphical waveform viewer and simulation post-processing tool for analog and mixed-signal ICs. Custom WaveView features fast loading, display scrolling, and zooming of very large waveform files, multiple simulator format support, and a rich set of analog and mixed-signal analysis features. 

Custom WaveView main window

Custom WaveView main window


  • High-performance waveform database I/O to quickly access large amounts of simulation data
  • Extensive mixed-signal display functions and analysis capabilities to extract measurements from simulation results
  • Single waveform tool for multiple simulators
  • Built-in support for HSPICE .MEASURE command and parametric plots for .ALTER simulations
  • Transient, AC, RF, mixed-signal display and analysis
  • Optional Tcl API for programming complex user post-processing scripts
  • Flexible waveform grouping—add multiple waveform views, either from different simulator runs on the same circuit netlist or from different netlists

Custom WaveView ADV

Complete Transistor-Level Analysis and Debugging Environment

Custom WaveView™ ADV provides a complete transistor-level analysis and debugging environment for pre-processing and post-processing SPICE and FastSPICE simulations. Custom WaveView ADV is integrated with Synopsys’ HSPICE®, FineSim® and CustomSim™ to streamline the debugging and analysis process for SPICE and FastSPICE simulation and increase design productivity. The combination of Custom WaveView ADV with Synopsys circuit simulators provides design teams with a high-performance, productive simulation debug and analysis environment for complex SoC design.

Custom WaveView ADV concisely presents hierarchy, netlist, connection and linting data for easy analysis and debug

Custom WaveView concisely presents hierarchy, netlist, connection, and lint data for easy analysis and debug