PCI-SIG Developers Conference 2023

Silicon Valley

Santa Clara
June 13-14, 2023 -- Santa Clara Convention Center

Event for PCI-SIG member companies

Why Attend?

Connect with developers and decision makers focused on the PCI Express technology. Join Synopsys at the event to learn how to minimize your integration risk and confidently migrate to PCIe 6.0 with Synopsys IP. We have been and continue to be by your side, cultivating success with essential IP across six generations of PCI Express technology. See a variety of PCIe 6.0 product demos in our booth and our partners’ booths. Don’t miss our demo at 128 GT/s as we take a peek into the PCIe 7.0 technology. We also invite you to network with our experts and attend our technical presentations.

Synopsys Demos

  • Synopsys 128GT/s PHY TX Performance Using Tektronix Oscilloscope
    Synopsys and Tektronix will take a sneak peek at the upcoming PCIe 7.0 data rate of 128 GT/s
  • PCIe 6.0 End-to-End Hardware Linkup and Performance
    Synopsys PCIe 6.0 Controller and PHY IP in an end-to-end host to device system, using Teledyne LeCroy's Interposer and Analyzer showing impact of payload size on throughput
  • Synopsys Verification IP for PCIe 6.0 and CXL 3.0
    Industry leading PCIe 6.0 protocol verification solutions including VIP, transactors, speed adaptors, virtual system adaptors, and protocol interface cards for early RTL verification

Synopsys & Partner Demos

Teledyne LeCroy Booth #2

  • See Synopsys PCIe 6.0 Controller and PHY IP in an end-to-end host to device system, showing successful link up and detailed performance metrics using Teledyne LeCroy's Interposer and Analyzer
  • See Synopsys PCIe 6.0 Transmitter and Receiver out-of-the-box  Electrical Performance with preset, jitter, signal quality and receiver link equalization tests using Teledyne LeCroy Solutions

Tektronix Booth #6

  • See Synopsys PCIe 6.0 IP transmitter and receiver’s excellent performance on a PCIe 5.0 ISI channel, using Tektronix’s oscilloscope and Anritsu’s BERT

Anritsu Booth #10

  • See Synopsys PCIe 6.0 PHY & Controller IP in an end-to-end system showcasing pre-FEC and post-FEC BER with Anritsu BERT and TX performance with Tektronix real time oscilloscope

Granite River Labs Booth #11

  • See Synopsys PCIe 6.0 receiver performance with GRL’s PCIe 6.0 base RX calibration and test SW & Anritsu MP1900A BERT

Keysight Booth #14

  • See Synopsys PCIe 6.0 transmitter’s excellent PAM4 Eye measurements & receiver jitter tolerance test with Keysight BERT & Oscilloscope


Extending Channel Reach with Retimers – Electrical Validation & IBIS AMI Simulation
Madhumita Sanyal, Sr. Technical Product Manager, Synopsys & David Bouse, Principal Technology Lead, Tektronix | Tuesday, June 13, 10:30 AM

Future of PCIe®️ Technology in Emerging Markets: A Look at Our Industry by ABI Research
Scott Knowlton, Strategy & Solutions Director, Synopsys | Tuesday, June 13, 2:00 PM

Large Multiple Function Devices and You 
Richard Solomon, Sr. Staff Technical Product Manager, Synopsys | Tuesday, June 13, 2:00 PM

Don’t Be Intimidated: An In-depth Look at Manual Calibration for 64GT/s Receiver Jitter Tolerance Testing
Ahmed Sada, Staff Silicon Validation Engineer, Synopsys | Wednesday, June 14, 11:30 AM