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ExponenT is a technology innovation club for technology enthusiasts, thought leaders and innovators, to collaborate, and discuss on upcoming trends/challenges of designing high-tech chips, for AI, IoT, 5G, heterogenous high-performance compute and other emerging technologies.

TechTalks with Intel

Future of Compute - Exabytes are here, Are we ready? 

In next 4 years, AI applications alone are expected to generate over 850 Exabytes of data? Do you think our compute machines would be ready to handle this?

Come join us for this special session with our Industry expert from Intel, to find out various challenges facing Next Generation compute chips to handle emerging AI workloads.


Interview with Pavan Kumar Kaipa, Intel, followed by Q&A

Available On-Demand! Watch the session recording.

Note: A Solvnetplus account is required.

Pavan Kumar Kaipa

General Manager,
Custom ASIC &
Mixed Signal IP,
Intel Foundry Services

Sriram Balaubramanian

Director R&D,
Solutions Group, Synopsys