Why Attend?

Connect with hundreds of product and application developers, business leaders, investors and customers—all focused on embedded vision.

Join Synopsys at booth 410 to learn about the broad range of AI capabilities in the ARC Embedded Processor IP portfolio. You'll see demonstrations of emerging neural network architectures like transformers, neural network based ISP, and vision/object detection for safety-critical automotive SoCs.

At our Booth #410 we will highlight the latest in practical technology to bring visual intelligence into embedded systems, mobile apps, cars, and PCs.

Who Should Attend?

If you are an SoC designer interested in embedded vision, an automotive chip architect for safety-critical radar/vision applications, or an AI and software company interested in Synopsys come check us out.

Synopsys Event Highlights

Please check back to this page as we update our event agenda.

Booth #410 Demos:

Wednesday, May 22 | 12:30 PM – 7:30 PM PDT
Thursday, May 23 | 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM PDT

Come meet with Synopsys executives and technical experts and see the latest demos.

SmarterRoad by Sensor Cortek

Synopsys ARC® NPX6 NPU IP is designed for a range of applications, including automotive, which requires high levels of safety and reliability. Synopsys partner Sensor Cortek demonstrates their latest ADAS neural network model, SmarterRoad, combining lane detection and open space detection. Come see the tradeoffs of this model running on various NPX6 configurations. 

Neural Network Performance Model Analysis with Platform Architect

The Synopsys ARC Metaware MX Development Toolkit includes performance modeling, allowing designers to rapidly explore tradeoffs for their neural network model configurations (MACs, memory, bandwdith, latency, etc.) This capability can be combined with Synopsys's Platform Architect for system level workloads analytics.