SNUG Silicon Valley Keynote

SNUG Silicon Valley
Sir Hossein Yassaie, PHD

Sir Hossein Yassaie, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Imagination Technologies Group plc 

From Crystal Ball to Reality — The Impact of Silicon IP on SoC Design

SoCs have transformed the semiconductor and electronics industries, integrating staggering breadth of functionality and performance into highly cost-effective, low power but complex single-chip solution platforms. However, there has been another transformation: many of the major functional blocks on today’s SoCs are provided by Silicon IP providers rather than designed in-house. Hossein reviews some of the important technological and market trends in key segments and discusses how the IP industry is helping to create the ability to translate vision into reality, and to constantly enhance it. He also touches on key functional blocks in modern SoCs explaining how the GPU is becoming the new driving force not only for modern applications but also for design methodologies and process technologies, and how heterogeneous processing is transforming the way SoCs handle key user applications such as UI’s, gaming, multimedia and more.